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Non delivery issues for Telecom customers:

12 February, 2013 - If Telecom is your cell phone provider and you do not receive a confirmation text when you register for this service, it is likely that your registration was not completed successfully. This means you will not receive text message alerts. The issue is a known one and is being collaboratively worked on by Telecom and the OPTN Text Alert service provider. An update will be provided here when it has been resolved. Whilst the issue is not of our making, we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Service details

By signing up to this text alert system you will receive free text messages from the Northland Civil Defence Group about impending flood, tsunami or other civil defence emergencies.

Who provides the service?

The Northland Civil Defence Emergency Management Group (CDEM) has joined forces with Auckland-based communication company OPTN Ltd to offer this service.

Several other regions around New Zealand also use this service for texting civil defence emergency information to subscribers.

Find out more about OPTN on their website:

Who sends out the texts?

Texts are managed and updated, as necessary, by our local emergency management staff in the event of things like major flooding or tsunami, or when a Civil Defence emergency is likely to be declared.

How much does it cost?

  • To receive messages once you have subscribed: FREE
  • To subscribe via the OPTN website: FREE
  • To subscribe via text message: Approx 31c (this will depend on your mobile provider)
  • To unsubscribe: Approx 31c (this will depend on your mobile provider)  

How to register

To subscribe to this service via the web (FREE):

Visit the following website and enter your mobile phone details, select "Northland Civil Defence" from the drop down menu and press "register". It's that easy.

To subscribe to this service via text (Text charge depends on your mobile supplier):

To subscribe, text NCD (Note: Make sure there are no spaces between the letters) to 614 277 92 934 (this means 'opt in' to Northland Civil Defence text alerts service).

You should receive a confirmation text which indicates you have successfully subscribed to the service.

We have experienced registration problems with some mobile providers.

If you do not receive a confirmation text, you will need to re-send your subscription text. Alternatively we suggest you use the website option to register.

To unsubscribe to this service:

To unsubscribe text OPTX NCD to 614 277 92 93 4 (this means 'opt out' of Northland Civil Defence text alert service).

You should receive a confirmation text which indicates you have successfully unsubscribed from the service.

Further information

If you have any problems subscribing to the service, please contact

Contact details are on their website: